apofiss-cat-7159ee6744f7862015648fab47a5ef62The Void is something we all think is empty and cold and dark, but while it is also that it is something much more it is a blank canvas for you to paint your masterpiece. We are all able to create worlds and people and entire races using our minds because you see the void is your mind and now that my clarification has been written go forward whether it is with a paper and a pencil or just your imagination, or even if it is just a dream that you can barely remember, go forth in this world and create a something you are proud to call, a masterpiece. We all can’t express ourselves with simple words it’s to vastly complicated to explain, I find that I can explain through writing, may my stories seem violent, sad or seemingly filled with sorrow and hardships of people its my way to expressing how I feel though the format of story writing and drawing and the simple things in life I enjoy, “Its beautiful to mask our emotions from the people we love out of the fear that we will lose them when we’ve already lost ourselves in the effort of trying”  i read and write a lot to escape what I really feel and it inspires my ideas to turn into masterpieces of my work to express what I can not through words but stories and drawings so remember all the imperfections you have are just merely yourself trying to find something to point out but instead you’re perfect so express yourself to the world cause you’re made to create something to call your own masterpiece ~Inky 

The Cliff Face

by-apofissThe thunder of hooves clattering across the rugged forest floor, echoing out on the bleak surroundings of cliffs an massive trees that hid the grey skies. A deep ravine dipped down with a crevice on the bottom making a lake that formed around the misty bottom. The faint whispers of the Nymphs and Naiads through the murky depths of the broken lake could be heard. The weed entwined roots of the willows brushed the water’s surface as the wind raged, howling in fury.The dark mist was devouring the land slowly. The silent crashes of the waves crawled up the nearby cliffs. The smell of the salty sea air drifted along the wind. Music echoed through land making a seductive hymen. The trees were still as they waited and listened. The dark clouds wandered in the sky. Like clear crystals the rain fell as fast as it could. Nadia wandered through the forest. Her dark hair draped over her shoulders drenched with rain as it clattered down. Her dark brown fur covering her breasts and lower torso her face dripped with water down her arched cheekbones. Taking a look of a faun. She wandered around a hollow feeling clasping her.  She had a queasy feeling inside, she felt as if someone was watching her, like someone was being lured by the  music of the sky, but they could control themselves. She kept listening. The tree groaned uneasily above, she turned around only to Vincent, his gentle smile spread across his sun kissed skin unlike her pale features, his hooves clattered along the rocky shores towards her. The heavy rain causing his white hair to drape across his forehead.

“You’re here late,once again dear, what if you run into trouble from gillion” he said looking at her with concern, her blurred image beautiful.

She shrugged the mention of him shuddering in her body, the memory of enslavement forming back into her mind, the years of solitary, torture and misuse burning in her chest none of it showed as she let out a gasp for breath trying to hollow out the emotion.

Inky’s View

cropped-ee63ea443c0812aafd45e2db01204558-d4jm0k6.jpgAuthorsNote: Look around you, it is amazing. Skyscrapers, gravity,archipelagos, children, languages, music, wars, phosphorous, galaxies, literature, human existence.
We live in such a breathtaking environment that is full of magic and wonder. Although we can feel intense sadness, profound happiness can be just around the corner. One step away. One thought away. One kiss away. Sources for joy are literally everywhere, one just has to overlook all of the negative things trying to cover them up.
The world conspires for you to be happy, not unhappy. It is all a matter of perspective, of stepping back and taking a good look at the world around you. How can you ever be bored, depressed, frustrated, annoyed or jealous in a world of such infinite possibility?
Are you discontent with your current situation? Then change it. Move elsewhere. Do something else. Befriend other people. This world is not a single plane, it is vast and varied and waiting to be experienced.
If today is not a good day, wake up tomorrow and start a better day. Better yet, close your eyes for one minute and open then looking for the beauty, the complexity, the awesomeness that is this Universe. Forget the ugliness, the adversity, the vacuous nature that so many impose upon the world around them for those details are not worth paying attention to, nor remembering.
What good do negative thoughts and actions serve? They only hurt, cramp and suppress positivity. It is only with optimism, altruism and compassion that this world can be cured of its ills. Judgement, hatred, egotism, bitterness and despair only bring more evil into a world already riddled with problems. Even a very small amount of a good can spread exponentially because it is so much more rare than bad in this universe.
Regarding good, people are the ultimate source of it. Every single human being is completely different with their own flaws, skills, experiences, secrets, and dreams. Every man and woman holds inside of themselves a story so infinitely interesting that it could never be told completely in a film, book or conversation. People cannot be defined as ignorant, pretty, selfish, purple, happy or conservative. Every person is a unique being shaped by the infinite amount of variables that our Earth-bound existences offer us. The Earth is a museum and we all are the art within it. Study all of the art regardless of its shape, color or texture and you will gain a greater understanding of the museum.
Life is what you make of it. Life is perception: sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. Reality depends upon the intensity and angle with which light hits our eyes. Reality sounds only because of the way our brains decipher the vibrations of the air around us. That same air is only felt because of the stimulation of our nerve endings and the subsequent signals to our brains. We are told only what is around us, it is our job to actually interpret that information. A “negative” sensory input can be a source of anguish, or simply an inspiration to change everything and attract more positive inputs. It is up to you, and you alone. No one thing or one person can decide or influence how you feel. That is completely up to you. Decide to be happy about life and you will remain that way. It is your perception, so why not make it a positive perception?
We live in a beautiful world. It is time that you see the beauty. It is ever-pervading and impossible to miss unless your eyes are closed. So open them. ~Inky